Welcome to Kent Portrait Photographer !

We provide nursery photography across the Kent county and the South East. Our professional photographer will attend your nursery and bring an entire portable photography studio. We do require a large space in the nursery to set up, but we try to minimise the disruption as much as possible. We find the experience the children get form being involved in the nursery photograpy process an added advantage to you.

The photographers are excellent at working with very young children and babies and enjoy making it fun and exciting for all. We find that even children that are very shy will get involved. We aim to get every child that wants to photographed, most even come back for a second photo shoot.

We regularly work in nurseries accross Kent. We have several nurseries we work with regularly that are willing to give a verbal reference if you wish to chat to find out more. Simple let us know and we can put you in touch with some of them.

We are the premiere nursery photography business in the South East and Kent.